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I've been writing since I was six years old. With a BA in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis, I write even more. I've written a collection of short stories called Eleven Grams: Stories of Half-Souls, and a novel called Keeping Up With Jones. Both can be found on Amazon or by contacting me directly. 

Lately, I've been participating in Reedsy Writing Prompt Contests to exercise my creative writing muscles. 

I stumbled in to the role of editor while acquiring my BA. I was Editor-in-Chief of the undergrad student-run literary magazine. Outside of school, friends and family constantly asked me to look over things they had written, because I was the English major.

During one of my last semesters in college, I took a course in tutoring. Once I'd learned how to be a tutor in addition to becoming an editor, I wanted to apply all of these skills in some way to help improve others' writing. 

In 2015, I became the In-House Editor for Divided by Zero Books. I've edited many titles with them, and I have published both of my titles with them as well. My books can be found here, my editing work with Divided by Zero Books can be found here, and all of it is available on Amazon.

Editing provides an opportunity for writers, creatives, and communicators to sharpen their language and elevate the impact of their work.

As an editor, I’m passionate about my job and hold myself to high standards of accuracy, honesty, and fairness. I love spending time with other writers and helping turn their original works into exceptional pieces while maintaining their unique voices and styles.

In addition to writing and editing, I spend a lot of time reading a wide range of material and creating a collaborative, improvisational story in the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. 

Running a table top role playing game like D&D requires quick thinking in the moment such as determining how a rule or mechanic works on the spot without stopping to look it up in a sourcebook, anticipating how the players will handle scenarios placed before them, and knowing how to go with the flow of whatever the players decide to do especially when it's something that couldn't easily be anticipated. Being a dungeon master requires confidence, flexibility, discipline, focus, problem-solving, decision-making, creativity, imaginative thinking, and the ability to grow and adjust as needed. And above all, running a game requires the ability to say, "I was wrong; let's change how we do that."

A lot of those skills are good for editing, writing, and other creative endeavors. I like to think that even when I don't have a project in front of me, I am exercising the skills necessary to successfully complete a writing or editing project by running, prepping, and learning through weekly games of D&D, especially off-the-cuff creativity.

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