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Soul Walker by DJ Miller

It’s the year’s end of 2012, a time of “great change.” The city of Los Angeles is riddled with fear from kidnappings and murders being secretly orchestrated by a government organization of cultists who worship a dark deity. Their next target: Shannon Redferin, an LA native and celebrity famous for her boundless leaps in the medical field as a doctor. After being framed for murder, her career is ruined and she is relentlessly pursued by those terrorizing the city. But her path becomes crossed with a mysterious man that is the leader of a resistance group of super-humans called the Arcane. Fallen angels, along side of cultists, have plans to enslave mankind; all while under the command of one vengeful archangel. God has endowed seven souls at random with a power that has been circulating throughout mankind for thousands of years to defend Earth from the “Dark Order.” Being one of seven, Shannon finds out she’s been chosen. She is mankind’s last hope.

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Anachronistic by Kyle Newbridge

A new fiction podcast by Kyle Newbridge.
Anachronistic follows Neil, a guy whose day job is to travel the country fixing rifts in time and space. He travels with the love of his life. Unfortunately, he knows he will never get a happy ending.

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G.I. Low by P.S. Barlow

With its humble beginnings in a Basic Training issued notebook, "The Adventures of G. I. Low" chronicles the day-to-day highs and lows of a modern American Soldier. From a recruiting station in the suburbs of Chicago to a cubicle in Afghanistan, the comic strip demonstrates that wherever you are, whatever you do it's always important to keep a sense of humor.

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