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My services include editorial assessments, developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading.


Pricing is dependent on what is requested or required.  I'm most versed in fiction, so primarily, I stick to offering services within the realm of fictional works; however, I'm happy to assess other types of writing.

All pricing listed below is for fiction specifically.

Pricing for nonfiction, business/sales, and STEM vary. For those, please contact me. 

Sample Assessment – FREE for 1,000 words.

Editorial Assessment: $0.059/word

Developmental Editing: $0.04/word

Line Editing: $0.049/word

Copy Editing: $0.029/word

Proofreading: $0.029/word

Line editing is included in any developmental editing or copyediting services requested without extra charge.

If you want line editing as a standalone service, then the pricing listed for that service applies.

$50 to book a spot (if booking in advance)

Half is due up front with the following payment options:

  • weekly payments until paid in full

  • biweekly payments until paid in full

  • remaining half paid upon completion


Please note: Manuscripts are not returned to the author until balance is paid in full.


While I am a perfectionist and want our experience together to be as great as possible, I recognize that I am not infallible. If you notice something isn't exactly as you'd like it, please contact me immediately! 

You have one week to request additional changes before being charged for further corrections; however, for longer pieces, arrangements can be made as long as you contact me. I will do my best to make your work as perfect on the first try, and I'll make sure any follow up work goes smoothly and quickly!

All projects will be done completely virtually via email and video calls.


I am thrilled to do most projects that involve writing. Projects can range from short, informational articles to something like a short story or a one-page adventure for running your own Dungeons and Dragons one shot.

Pricing is dependent on the length and involvement of the project. 

All projects will be done completely virtually via email and video calls.

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