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During the pandemic, I started a podcast. Mostly, it's an accountability tool for me as I navigate the grief from losing my mom as the pandemic was taking off, but it's also a documentation of the ways in which the pandemic have affected general aspects of life. It's an exercise in vulnerability and a way for me to just check in with myself each week. I figured I'd turn my experience into a podcast, because I know I'm not the only one navigating loss and mental health struggles during this trying time. My one hope for this project is that it makes at least one other person out there feel a little less alone.

The next step in vulnerability became sharing this space with my listeners. I want the invisible struggles I know so many of us are facing these days to have a place to feel visible.


You can now write in with anything difficulties you are facing during these challenging times by emailing me at You can also follow the show on Twitter: @idkpandemicpod.

New episodes come out every Sunday, and it's available on most podcast platforms.

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