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When people ask what I write about, I usually say whatever piques my interest.

One of the reason I started writing that still holds true today is that I would get on these kicks where I have a story idea in mind, and I can't find a published work that scratches the itch in the right way.


While I don't think there are original ideas left, I believe there are original ways left to explore the ideas that are out there.


Unable to find a particular idea presented in a specific way drives me to write it. I write the stories I want to read.

This has generally led to exploring the grey areas of humanity. I'm fascinated by bad people who make good or bad choices, people who are not good or bad but are instead simultaneously both.

I enjoy examining the flaws of being human. I love unreliable narrators, because human memory is imperfect, and there are always so many sides to a story. Most people view themselves as decent in their own eyes, and to explore that in writing is some of my favorite paths to navigate.

I've written a collection of short stories and a novel listed below. While they drastically vary in content, both reflect what I've expressed above.

For what I've been writing lately, please check out my ReedsyPrompts profile.

Their weekly contests have been a fun outlet for spontaneous creativity. I enjoy participating, because it allows for a different kind of freedom and constraint with writing as the prompts are released only 48 hours before the contest goes live, submissions are only live for a week, and the submission can only between 1,000-3,000 words.

It's a fun exercise to work my creative muscles.



This is a collection of short stories exploring the dark corners of people. Within these pages, the multifaceted human experience is examined, in some cases with magical realism and unreliable narrators. 

Each story tells a different perspective, a different fresh hell that might slip through the cracks of daily life if left unnoticed. 

smaller jones cover maybe.jpg


Two teenagers become unlikely friends and this explores how toxic female friendships can be, how these friendships can have blurred lines and strange subtext that can go unaddressed or can be faced directly, depending on how daring they wish to be. 

This is also about codependency, what comes with being a manic pixie dream girl, and what it means to be the one who follows her.

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